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 Hammer time!

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PostSubject: Hammer time!   Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:19 pm

Ok, so I like running hammer when I'm not using sword and thought I'd share my build.

Premise is to use GS/Staff/whatever on trash mobs and hammer in more important fights. The symbol duration is important because it's what keeps the DPS of the hammer up. Coupled with the permanent 3-5 vulnerability, increased damage to foes on fire (coming from the consecration and VoJ), blinds, perma protection, stability and with people who like combo finishers, all that might! The new consecrations are OP, and hallowed ground is too good to not have on the bar, especially if running more of a support variant.

Important to use hallowed before auto hammer as combo fields only activate the first one placed down, so time purging flames for when there is no combo down (I let auto attack do second swing, then hit 2, auto again and drop purging flames). This is to ensure that finishers hit the fire field and give might, if it's not a concern then use as you want. Stand Your Ground is basically always on my bar because it's a great stun breaker with the benefit of stability. Wall of Reflection (my favourite) should be swapped in whenever there are mobs coming up who do a lot of ranged damage.

All berserker gear because in PVE, everything else is pointless. However, I run hammer with PTV/ berserker gear depending on who I'm running with and my trinkets are whatever has dropped for me in fractals/ exotics. So unless you're min/maxing don't worry about it. Scholar runes are important though, extra boon duration/healing etc. is useless in PvE in my opinion because enemies hit hard and if it looks like you're going down, you probably will. Best counter is to dodge or prevent the damage altogether (Retreat and VoC for aegis, sanctuary, KD, CC and blinds). For wvw, go nuts with toughness, healing and boon duration, that shit is OP.

Condition removal comes from the symbol (hammer auto) and VoR (removes 3 conditions). Projectiles passing through the field remove conditions (all projectiles, which is great). On it's own it provides retaliation from leaps and blasts (area retaliation with blast finishers) which isn't that amazing in PvE, but still, extra damage is always a plus.

I can hear people saying "You silly, Pure of Voice is the only thing guards are good for. L2P or GTFO!". So, if you like it or are in some dungeons that require lots of condition removal (TA, HoTW p2 etc...), I drop 10 from Virtues and put it into Honour to get that trait. I would then drop hallowed ground and bring either Retreat or Hold the Line depending on whether any enemies have big hits, in which case party aegis would win. This build focuses more on consecrations for might stacking, but if that isn't an issue, again, shouts for condition removal are more than viable.

I think I've covered everything, feel free to comment and let me know what you think or if it works for you!
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Hammer time!
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