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 Greetings from a veteran.

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Sword Hammer Axe

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PostSubject: Greetings from a veteran.   Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:56 pm

I am Sword Hammer Axe, a long time veteran from all the way back to the start of Guild Wars 1, and I should really start using the forum a bit more XD

In game I go by Sword Hammer Axe as my account name, and my characters are respectively known as Dronar Stoneblade, Fyorias, Signa Loevdottir, Asta Rokkurdottir, Selena Ambercrest, Johan Shafire, and a few more that are yet to show themselves including Palean Night and Krewemember Gexx.

Pleased to meet you Smile
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Greetings from a veteran.
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