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PostSubject: 14/12/2012   Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:55 am

Wintersday update

As well as all the wintersday content i've found some confirmed updates for this patch. I will update this after the update has happened Smile


personal story

Through the Looking Glass story bug fixes


Metrica province missing diving goggles fixed


Advance notification of new builds

In order to allow WvW players to make good decions about siege placement, assault timing, etc. we’re adding a new build pre-announcement. This will be in the form of a message broadcast to all players some time before the current build expires. Because this notification is tied to one of the final steps in our build process, and those final steps take a variable amount of time, we won’t be able to say exactly when the current build will expire. Instead, the message will provide a window of time in which the new build will become available.[/size11]

Alt+F4 is no escape

[size=11]If someone that you’re fighting disconnects during combat (via Alt+F4, killing the client process, etc.) their character will be instantly killed, death penalties will be applied, and XP & loot will be handed out as usual.

No more insta-build walls & gates

Destroyed walls and gates will now rebuild when they reach 10% health rather than on the very first repair. This means that when attackers down a wall or gate defenders won’t be able to instantly rebuild it. Walls and gates which are destroyed can still be damaged if they have any health.

Breakout events

We’ve added a new event type to WvW called Breakout events which trigger when one or more teams have been pushed completely out of a map. They’re designed both to help players break out of severly camped portal keeps and to provide assistance in establishing a foothold in each map.



Faster arrow speed
Signet of the hunt from 10% to 25% speed


Pistol/pistol improved


HGH trait improved


Volley will be effected by Crack Shot trait.


Mistform will work with cantrip mastery
Ride the lightning fix (tracking)
Mistform will allow conjure to work and attunements can be switched. Before you were not in an attunement while in mistform


Gluttony - buff and fix
signet of the locust increase to 25% speedboost


Beserker correct damage

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