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 Heavy girl

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PostSubject: Heavy girl    Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:58 am


I have not played gw1 but gw 2 is the best game i ever played. I like PvP and PvE. In pvp i play wvw With the best commander Aduram. And in PvE im farming legendary kudzu!

I have:
Ranger LVL 80 Heavy girl (main)
Guardian LVL 80 Leatherface (first LVL 80. Full geared)
Elementalist LVL 80 Nattkvinnan (eles are fun)
Thief LVL 58 Xhaao (Lvled by crafting)
Enginer LVL 24 Refera (always wanted an enginer Very Happy)
Warrior LVL 7 Chaao (warriors are op so why not xD)

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Heavy girl
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