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 WvW Guide for running as guild

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PostSubject: WvW Guide for running as guild   Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:54 am

Hey guys Very Happy After getting some good feedback from the basics guide i decided to create another guide to be used as a place where more advanced tactics can be shown to you guys. Hopefully once this is complete and we have has a bit of practice with these tactics our guild will be a large presence in WvW whenever we enter together as a guild. Having a group being able to wipe forces 2-3 times as large or capture towers/keeps away from the main zerg will keep opponents busy for the main zerg to be much more effective. This isn't meant to be the start of us becoming a super strict, have to be on voice coms, organised guild! Just something so everyone knows how we can improve playing together and having a lot more fun Smile

I also don't expect us to be the best WvW guild or even too organised from the start, we need to practice working together in WvW and following tips from the guides for us to make the most of being together in WvW.

If you haven't already, make sure to read the basics guide first as it contains information which I'll refer to here. Basics guide:


Having everyone in my squad makes it a lot easier for me to see how much supply we as a guild have. I can do a quick chat command and get a total supply count. This is really useful for knowing which ,and how much, siege I can place without wasting any blueprints or time. It also removes other commander icons from the map so speeds up knowing where I am for you guys.


While moving around the map and fighting, it is important that we all stay in one closely grouped blob on top of my badge. The closer the better. This is using the low number of AoE targets to our advantage. Always try to stick as close as possible to my tag and watch where i am moving.

If we meet a zerg stay as close to me as possible, and don't run in alone. If we run in to an enemy zerg in small groups we are easy to wipe as they can focus on each group individually, while if we stay together and charge together we are a mass of players and will be able to wipe groups larger than us.

Also, if we wipe a group of players, don't chase after them without the rest of us, and never chase if there is another enemy group nearby.


While running as a guild it is a good idea to form parties with people who work well together. Have someone in each party who will target an enemy for the whole party to target. Priorities should be up-leveled players(quick to kill) and the enemy commander(break the zerg organisation). It is also important for parties to stay as close as possible to each other and work together. If you die, run and join back with the party as soon as possible.

It is also useful to choose one of the members of the party as a 'leader'. This is someone who will target the enemy players when in fights to focus the party's DPS. It is also useful to target this person while running around as it makes it very easy to spot your party leader in a zerg, allowing you to stay close with the rest of your party.

Combo fields, finishers and boons

These are a major part of what makes organised WvW guilds successful. Having fields such as water and fire fields along with blast finishers for mass AoE heals and Might really make a difference in how easily an enemy zerg is wiped. If our guild group has 25 stacks of might and many heals while we fight we can wipe a zerg 3-4 times the size with little effort. Most zergs we meet will be unorganized pugs who won't be using these.

Before fighting any zerg we should spread fire fields and stack might at the very least, and spread water fields where we are fighting. Having a few people dedicated with spreading fields and activating them will help.

It would help when spreading a field mid combat you ping the skill so others know to activate it.

This doesn't only apply to fire and water fields, but any fields. All of them produce really useful boons or spread conditions. It is also important for us to stack as many boons on us as possible.


Keeping our group alive is really important. If a player is downed (NOT dead) rez them ASAP. If we can keep our group alive we can keep putting pressure on the zerg. If a player dies, do not WP straight away unless we are close to a way-point (in which case get back fast) We may win and be able to rez you right away and save you running back.


Keeping an eye on chats is really important in WvW. Due to it's fast paced nature, things can change in a matter of seconds and adjustments to where we are or what we are doing need to be instant. For example, we are starting to attack a tower but one of ours is being attacked. We may need to WP quickly and help the defense.

Attacking structures

If a structure isn't defended, don't attack the gates until all siege is built. This allows us to not show we are attacking and give us the maximum amount of time to get the gate down before defenders come.

Just guild vs with PUGs

If i'm the only commander in EB/BL we might have a lot of pugs with us so we will be the core organised part of the zerg. It means that i might not be able to command our guild as well so we will have to decide on one person to take over command of the guild. I would prefer this to be someone with quite a bit of experience in WvW and knows what to expect from how I play in WvW. It may also mean that i give the guild tasks to do while running with the zerg or get you to split from the zerg. Either way it will be nice to know i have a group i can trust to watch chat and work well together.

If it is just us as a group we will be focused on stealth capping structures or wiping zergs the same size or larger than our own. We will have to be very organised and I will keep in contact with any other commanders on the map to see where they need us most.

Either way, its up to you guys to stay as a group, moving together and grouped closely as often as possible Smile

Pick the fights

Due to us not having a massive numbers of players in WvW we need to be careful about which zergs/groups to attack. Until we are able to be coordinated and work together like zerg busting guilds (stacking stability, might, invisibility, using fields, hammer warriros etc) we won't be able to wipe zergs much larger than ours. We should have the advantage of everyone paying attention and people not running away like most zergs, but zergs 2-3x the size will wipe us to start with.

Before fighting we need to decide if it's worth fighting or running, and move together whichever we choose to do.


The only way we will get better at working together is to practice. Some of these tips can be used in PVE for things such as bounties as well so it could be a good way of getting us working together and become more successful at WvW and guild bounties.

I'm almost constantly in WvW, as most of you know. Whenever i'm there come and join me if you guys want to practice working together in as a whole guild or even as small groups. Even if i'm not online, you guys can go without me and practice as a guild. Choose someone to command the guild, each party targets that player then you know where the leader of the group is at all times.

Advanced tactics

Portal bombs

I mentioned this briefly in the beginners guide, however it deserves another mention. These portals can be used to teleport us into any tower, or into an enemy zerg. Having a mesmer which we can trust to get a portal when we need it is key to capturing/wiping when with normal means it wouldn't be possible.

For example, quentin was sieged up and had many defenders. I called a friend who is a mesmer i can trust to get portals down. We stealthed him and he got us a portal behind all the enemy siege near the lord. Because of this, the group that portaled managed to wipe a large amount of the siege as well as the lord. This allows those that remained outside to push in and wipe the rest of the enemy zerg defending.

If a structure is lost but a mesmer manages to hide inside, the mesmer can get a portal for the zerg to get back into the structure. This allows us to capture structures without letting the enemy know we were there.


What is there to say? Running into an enemy zerg while invisible allows us free attacks before they even know we are there. Stealth like the mesmer skill veil is incredibly useful as it can stealth an entire zerg.

While stealthed, enemies can't direct attack us and have to rely on AoE to dead damage.


This is one of the most important points of the whole guide. Using combos really improves the survivability of any group that uses them. Placing fire fields where we group up before zerging then activating them with blast finishers allows us to stack might, while using water fields when either regrouping or fighting will give great heals, especially if the fields are activated multiple times.


Use terrain to your advantage. I only rarely see any commander using terrain to help wipe an enemy zerg. Finding gaps that will group enemies that pass through will create a massive advantage for you. Placing siege such as ballistas and arrowcarts can wipe an enemy zerg in seconds if you use terrain.

An example of this is pangloss mines in EB. There are only 2 narrow entrances to the mine. If you place a few AC and ballista, you can hold out there for ages. Most players will not think of using stealth and portals to get inside.


Just a quick note about stability. After reading the community forums recently the guild [VcY] and other organised groups stack stability on their groups to be able to resist control effects. This greatly increases their effectiveness.[b]

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PostSubject: Examples of good guild teams   Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:32 am - PRXM guild in WvW. They are from our server
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WvW Guide for running as guild
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