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 Hello hello

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PostSubject: Hello hello   Sun May 05, 2013 11:20 pm

Hello all Quizy here AKA Thorbjörn

I have been a member since christmas but missed the forum, *palm to face* but I am here now. looking forward to play with ya all :d I myself play PvX and I am an old GW1 player. never finished it though (just got to lvl 20) mainly because I did´nt have anyone to play it with and never got into a guild. Did love GW1 though so ofc I bought GW2 and this is now my altime favorite game Very Happy

I have a couple of toons as in order

Quizquam, lvl 80 theif full gear exotic (missing legendary and ascended)* Main toon
Nochtum, lvl 80 warrior full gear exotic berserk
Zelina Silverbane, lvl 80 Elementalist full gear exotic con based
Thor Vanguard, lvl 42 Ranger
Aestas Hiems, lvl 44 Guardian
Dianthus Deltoides, lvl 19 mesmer
Aesta Ignis, lvl 12 engineer.

Haha a lot of toons and i love them all. I also got all 400 on crafting so if anyone need anything just give me a shout, tc and I´ll see you all in game ^^ Razz
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Hello hello
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