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 Ranger have no DPS?

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PostSubject: Ranger have no DPS?   Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:28 am

All of you already heard that in game. Many players say: ranger can hit max 8-10k! Ranger is sux dps etc. And they call me liar because i say: i can hit more than double or ranger can hit 10k at lvl 50...

No, they are just noobs. Ranger can easy overbeat thief in dmg. Look, i havent any special boost, not so much might stacks, no sharpening stones...only casual food and potion =)

Well, war can hit much more, its true....but calculate how much time he is downed, how much time he spent by avoids and where u can bring zerk war except CoF and sometimes CoE?!

And ranger is probably only one class which can do high lvl fractals in zerk gear. (my personal fotm lvl is 58 now, dont do fractals much last time)

Screens are from:
1      AC 35lvl - before ascended gear

2      TA 55lvl  - before ascended gear

 3     COF 75lvl -with trinkets ascended gear (no piercing arrows trait - its Hawk Call + Rapid Fire)

Try play with your builds, try new runes like eagle, scholar, combine it with ruby orbs on armor. Precision is more important than power! Just try it and u will see =)

Anyway this is not rangers max dmg. He can boost it more by using signet build, stalker pet and sigil of the night. =) At 80 isnt hard get rapid fire over 25k Very Happy
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Ranger have no DPS?
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