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 Hello Guildies!

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PostSubject: Hello Guildies!   Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:40 am

Heya all!

You can all call me Gildis since that's my main.

I have played GW1 from start until a little bit into EotN, then I slowly jumped the ship and fell into the Tolkiens world playing Lord of the Rings Online for six years, and now here I am playing Guild Wars 2 and at the moment Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 realy gives me the best experience.

I love socializing and writing on forums but I have problems when it comes to socialize in real life >.<

I am born in a Musician family in Sweden and I am a Musician myself, I write my own songs and am pretty proud of them so go ahead and listen if ya all want @

I live together with Dolwa and our cute dog Lilly in southern Sweden in Blekinge.
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Hello Guildies!
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