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 My WvW D/P build

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PostSubject: My WvW D/P build   Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:32 am

See your target, either:

1. get to a wall, (he doesnt notice u )blinding powder + stack 4 heartseekers. get 6-8 stack might and maybe 6-8 seconds of stealth. get to him and backstab that sucker without him knowing ur there.

2. walk towards him, ( he notices u ), do the combo, blinding powder + heartseeker, immediately use steal, ur right behind him and then activate assasins signet for 5 stack might and backstab him, ( do this quickly so he might not use any boons of buffs ) open blinding powder then proceed to kill him.

normally backstab cloth armor for 9-10k, medium 6-7k, 4k for guardians. this is without protection.

if you want more burst, take out 10 points from acrobatics and put into deadly arts for Mug.
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My WvW D/P build
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