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 Venom Share

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PostSubject: Venom Share    Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:46 am

For our small group play. We can use venom share to amazing effectiveness. Especially breaking enemy charges with Basilisk Venom.

Gear, i leave that up to you.
Essentially for group play, you'd want to stack and stay in the group, decent amount of vitality and toughness is required. But as we invest into acrobatics and pick up Withdraw as a heal skill. We can consecutively dodge 4 times, negating any initial burst of engagements.

For group play venom share:
Shortbow, the other weapon set is entirely up to you.

Build 1:

this build has the essential 20 points DA for might on venom application and 20% quicker recharge on venoms.
also the 30 points into SA for venom share obv, and leeching venoms.
the rest of the 20 points is into acrobatics, for vitality, and most importantly dodges and dat vigor on healing. and  not to mention init recovery, giving you more blasts or escapes.

Build 2:

this build has less survivability as it gives less dodges and no init recovery.
but this gives you an extra charge on each of your venoms. So you can turn 2 people into stone with Basilisk venom.
the remaining 10 points is placed into trickery so you can give might,swiftness,fury to you and your allies.
But you have to be even more aware of whats going on around you(more than usual to a thief) to survive while running this build. it has no traits for surviving at all.

My Gear:
I run a direct damage gear set up. your auto attacks bounce on the shortbow and cluster bomb can easily crit for 4k. but you should also spread that poison so they dont heal good with choking gas.

Soldiers stats(power vitality toughness) on head, chest and pants.
Berserk stats(power precision cDamage) on shoulders, gloves, boots.
I run 6 superior runes of the eagle.
Ascended berserk trinkets.

You could run a condi spec with this build, but then you have to detonate your cluster bombs for 3 stacks of bleed instead of one. but that will not give blast finishers for AoE heal,might and etc...

i wont even talk about solo venom share builds, i just think it totally beats the point. but basically running p/d and shortbow condi spec, as casting Choking Gas in stealth does not reveal you, its very effective in keeping up pressure in stealth while you reposition yourself. but then you have to sacrifice healing in stealth for the venom share trait, so you cant heal up, so i really dont get it, just ignore solo venom share :O

This is a support build for WvW. Your poisons will allow ur allies to leech life when used via Leeching Venoms. Your poisons also apply might. You are there to provide blast finishers. So you need to survive while doing this.

So, Full Soldiers(Power Vitality Toughness). Recommended by a FURY thief. i think i'll post his build up some time soon.

However, if you feel your role is to deal damage with this build, i'd go full rabid for the condi damage and some health.

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PostSubject: Re: Venom Share    Tue Oct 01, 2013 9:24 pm

Nice one, its look interesting and more usefull than many thiefs builds arround. But equip gear in build editor pls - to show players without thief yet real strenght of this build.

Leave gear to others can make just waste of build if someone equip bad stat.
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Venom Share
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