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 The Finisher

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PostSubject: The Finisher   Tue Sep 17, 2013 1:06 am

This is the build i run for PvE and WvW. It is by no means a dueling spec for WvW, it is there to give the burst we need to finish someone off in WvW.


You run this spec following a zerg around. Running with shortbow to shoot from a safe distance, and only going in with d/d when you see a target with 75%-ish health.

typical CnD+midcast-steal+backstab, if hes not dead, do the auto attack chain to make sure you get your poison on him before he heals(you have 3.2k power, your auto attacks hurt!). Then you wait for him to dodge twice(while auto attacking ofc), hes expecting you to spam Heartseeker like a nab, coz thats the proper thing to do, Heartseeker deals so much more damage on a target with less than 25% health.

But anyway, if you cant kill him with your first burst, keep within range and wait for your steal to get off cooldown and do the combo again.

But if you cant seem to damage him at all, just gtfo, this is not a dueling spec.

Build for PvE:
its the same points into the traits. you bring 2 pistols, 2 daggers and a sword in your inventory. and you switch up depending on what dungeon/boss/area your about to go into.

S/P you use for the daze and the evade, normally switch Withdraw to signet of malice, as you hit 9 times with Pistol Whip. So useful in many dungeons like AC, spider queen and kholer for example. although timing it is sometimes tricky, you want to time the evades to dodge most of the damaging skills they have.

-you switch traits to Combined Training and Combo Critical Chance, make sure first trait is Furious retaliation.

D/P for very high single target dps and when you need the Headshot and aoe Blind.
D/D backstab single target for dumb bosses that are abundant in GW2.

-you switch traits to Dagger Training and Critical Haste, make sure first trait is Furious retaliation.

P/P for bosses that you must range, for example TA spider(you know if she poisons you you deal wayyyy more damage?), and the goddamn tree.

-you switch traits to Combined Training, Combo Critical Chance and Pistol Mastery.

Also remember to switch up utilities as well depending on circumstance!!!
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The Finisher
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