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 PvE thief build

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PostSubject: PvE thief build   Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:00 pm


Wanted to share my thief build that I used for awhile, it is a high crit/bleed/dodge thief. You need to move around alot and use evade and weapon swap but togheter these 2 constantly keeps your might,  bleed and vulnerbility stacks high, you also leave caltrops that bleeds everytime you dodge.

With the precision high it ensures that you get quickness as well (after it's 30-sec cooldown) which makes you attack faster. I really like this build and it's highly managbel and survivable as long as you actually move around.

I use p/p but shortbow can be used as well, I just like the p/p for the bleed on unload
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PvE thief build
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