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 Mesmer Healing/Support Build

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PostSubject: Mesmer Healing/Support Build   Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:22 am

Don't really see that many Support Mesmers about, so decided to try and...well, make an effective support mesmer build.

The build focuses on Boons/Boon Sharing and Healing, with a good chunk of Condition Damage so that you still hit pretty damn hard with your conditions.

The Build


Scepter/Focus ( Both Apothecary or Shamans )

  • Sigil of Battle+Life ( Might on Swap + Stacking Healing Power ). Alternatively, use Sigil of Corruption in place of Life if you want more Condition Damage rather than Healing Power.

Staff ( Apothecary or Shamans )

  • Sigil of Battle ( Might on Swap )

Full Apothecary or Shamans Armour with Runes of Altruism

Full Apothecary or Shamans Trinkets with their corresponding Jewels/Crests ( Noticing a trend here? )

This setup gives us around 1.3k Healing Power, just over 1000 Condition Damage ( with Food/Oil ) and a good chunk of Toughness or Vitality, depending on whether you chose Apothecary or Shamans gear. Mix and match as you see fit.



Domination is fairly useless, but thankfully you only need to invest 10 points into it for (VI) Signet Mastery, which allows you to share your boons with your entire party once every 36 seconds.

Dueling is completely useless to this build, so is ignored.

Chaos has some very useful traits, namely (X) Chaos Dampening, which increases your toughness while wielding a Staff, and reduces it's abilities' recharge time. This traitline also boosts your Boon Duration, which, alongside your Runes of Altruism, results in 35% longer Boon duration!.

Inspiration is the main line we focus on here, as it has some immensely useful traits for this build, including (III) Vigorous Revelation, which will grant Vigor to your allies when you shatter your illusions, (VIII) Wardens Feedback which allows your focus skills ( including the iWarden ) to reflect projectiles while reducing Cooldowns, and (X) Restorative Mantras, which makes your Mantras heal up to 5 allies when you charge them.

Illusions has 10 points invested into it for the trait (II) Confusing Cry, which makes your Illusions apply Retaliation to yourself when shattered with Cry of Frustration.

Build Link: 18KQCaw
( Sorry Erk, forgot to post it xD )

How does it work?

The basic idea is to use your staff, phantasms, signet and weapon swapping to build up Boons, then activating Signet of Inspiration to share them all with your party.

1: Start off with your Staff, and swap to Sc/Focus to build up some might.

2: Put down your Warden to grant Regeneration and reflect any incoming projectiles and your Temporal Curtain for Swiftness/Reflection.

3: Swap to your staff, and put down a chaos storm on your party. This will apply several boons to both yourself and your party, and will also apply Chaos Armour to the group if a blast finisher gets used within the radius.

4: Summon your Warlock and use Phase Retreat within the Chaos Storm, then shatter your illusions with Cry of Frustration to grant retaliation.

5: Finally, swap back to your Sc/Focus ( each time you weapon swap, you gain might ), and use Signet of Inspiration to spread all of your boons to your party, these will stack with any boons they already have!

6: Once this is done, fill in time until your Signet is off of CD by helping to DPS down the enemies, as your conditions still hit pretty damn hard with this build ( thanks to just over 1000 Condition Damage ( without ascended jewelry! )). If the groups health starts to drop, start spamming your Mantra of Pain, each time you recharge it, you heal up to 5 allies for 3k+. It only has a 1s CD, so just keep charging, emptying, then recharging it. The healing is pretty damn effective.

Enjoy, give it a try and let me know what you think Smile
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Mesmer Healing/Support Build
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